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The Clarity Workshop gives individuals and teams the tools, practices, and knowledge to maximise their potential, productivity, and happiness; a necessity in our noisy and distracted modern world.

Run your brain the better way with our four week online workshop.

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The Modern Problem

We are all trying to make our way through life with bodies and brains that evolved hundreds of thousands of years old. They are designed by evolution to survive and thrive in the world as it existed before technology. They are not designed for modern life. If you take any animal and put them in an environment that it is not designed for, at worst they will die and at best they will not harness their full potential.

The Timeless Solution

The Clarity Workshop gives you the knowledge and the tools to improve how you interact with our modern world.

- Gain a science-based understanding of how your body and brain work.

- Develop an increased awareness of yourself and your actions so that you can apply your new understanding to your own life.

- Adopt routines and practices to bolster your focus and energy to get the most out of each day.

- Learn how to bring stillness into the start and end of your days, to gain perspective and focus on what really matters to you.

- Undertake this journey of discovery with a  community of like-minded people, with whom you will share your new wisdom and experiences.

The Clarity Workshop gives you understanding, awareness, energy, stillness, and community

Workshop Curriculum

Week 1: 🛏 Sleep and 👟Movement

Week 2: 🗓 Routine and 🍎Food

Week 3:💡Attention and 🤩Dopamine

Week 4: 🕯Stillness and ⭕️ Personal Evolution

Workshop Format

- Time commitment: 2 hours a week for four weeks; 1 hour of video and 1 hour live call. Watch the videos on your own time, calls are at a set day and time.

- Interactive discussion forum.
- One to one coaching calls.

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Enrollment Options

An individual doing our workshop on their laptop in a public cohort

Individuals - Monthly Cohort

Anyone can join an upcoming monthly cohort, made up of people from all around the world. Watch the workshop videos in your own time. A fixed date and time for the live calls will be set.

€75 per person.

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( Learn about the Clarity Scholarship for those who cannot afford to participate)

A group of business people

Businesses - Private Cohort

Businesses can enrol their team in a private cohort.
You can choose a start date and a day and time for the live calls that  suits your team.

€150 per person, min. 10 people.

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Why Learn With Us?

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Brain-based Learning

Unlike traditional education, our workshop is designed to work with your brain, not against it. Brain breaks, personal reflection, engaging questions, and community discussion create a teaching style you'll wish you had in school.

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Science-based Curriculum

Our workshop combines the teachings of some of the leading thinkers of our time, such as Matthew Walker (Why We Sleep), Andrew Huberman (Huberman Lab Podcast), Cal Newport (Deep Work) and Ryan Holiday (Stillness Is The Key).

Accountability partners holding puzzle pieces

Accountability Partners

Participants are encouraged to partner up (1-to-1 or in a group) to support and motivate each other. You can find a partner once the workshop starts, or bring along a friend or colleague.

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Build your Personal Toolbox

Technology is here to stay; whether this is for better or for worse is largely up to you. Unfortunately, living by the status quo will rob you of your full focus and potential; we give you the tools to take them back.

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Saturday April 9th Cohort

A four-week workshop, open to the public. Beginning 9th April 2022.

April 9, 2022
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Live calls:
Saturdays, 12:00 PM GMT

Saturday March 5th Cohort - Free

A four-week workshop, open to the public. Beginning Sat 5th March 2022. To kick off our first live cohort, places are free!

March 5, 2022
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Live calls:
Saturdays, 12:00 PM GMT