Upgrade Your Mind

Clarity Academy gives individuals and teams the tools, practices, and knowledge to maximise their potential, productivity, and happiness; a necessity in our noisy and distracted modern world.

We offer a 4 week group workshop - The Clarity Workshop - and an online course on how to improve your reading and create better notes that you can leverage in your personal and professional work. You can learn more about them below.

A brain running on a treadmill

The Clarity Workshop

The Clarity Workshop is an interactive, group workshop held online over 4 weeks.
Week 1: 🛏 Sleep and 👟Movement

Week 2: 🗓
Routine and 🍎Food

Week 3:💡
Attention and 🤩Dopamine

Week 4: 🕯
Stillness and ⭕️ Personal Evolution

Level Up Learning

An online course on improving your reading and note-making that will give you the tools and systems to
- Read more often and get more enjoyment from reading,
- Get more knowledge from what you read,
- Create better notes and collect & connect them in a central location where you can make use of them in your personal and professional work.